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Friday, October 22, 2010

Still working!

Things have slowed down a lot recently because we're busy with the new house. There's a lot of small things that we needed to do (replace some broken shingles, paint rooms, etc). Also, I've been busy with Worms Reloaded. Shame on me for playing another game when I should be creating my game! :)

I'm going through some refactoring that will help me be able to add in new things more quickly. I've refactored the button code so it just needs two sprites, instead of 5 like before. I'm in process of creating a "GameMain" class that handles everything from main menu, networking (if I ever implement multiplayer), to galaxy screen and battles. This will organize the code better.

I've worked out the last design issues of battle screen, galaxy screen (movement and colonization), and players' turns. You will see it when I'm done refactoring and tweaking. Sorry, no release in October :(

I wonder if anyone is still reading this...