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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Overdue for an update

I mentioned in a post that I'm replacing a shower insert with a real tiled shower, but I don't remember if I said that I'm doing it myself instead of hiring a professional. Anyway, building a shower is a very involved process, you have to build things correctly, or you'll face water leaks and molding. I've been working on that the past few weeks, which is why I didn't work much on the game. But the good news is, the shower is almost done, and soon I'll be able to add tiles to it, then it's done!

A poster at Atari forums was concerned about this game being dead like a road kill, and I realized that I didn't update for a long while. So today I had some free time, and focused on working on the game!

In the last post, I added nebula and black holes. Since then, I've worked on adding the fleets and the UI for them. It's about 2/3 done. There's still a lot to be done, but thought you'd like to see a screenshot of my progress. You can see in the screenshot I have a group of fleets listed. There's 5 fleets at the location, as indicated by top right list of buttons plus scrollbar. The horizontal scrollbar below the list of "Human Fleet" is the ship's scrollbar. It's a bit bugged as the scroll button is overlapping the right arrow. This scrollbar is for selecting the amount of ships to send to the location selected on the galaxy map. Since the nebula is somewhat dense in that area, it takes 11 turns to arrive to the nearest star.

I hope that those who's worried about this project will be reassured by this update that it is indeed alive and ongoing! If the game is not complete and I lose motivation for it completely, I promise that I will release the source code for it so someone who's interested can pick it up and finish it. But if I do manage to finish the game, I plan on getting some professional art and sound/music for it, and sell it through digital distribution. But that may not happen for some time since I'm the only one who's working on this game.