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Thursday, April 24, 2014

More work on Planet List

The planets' economy system is nearly done.  Planet List screen is almost done as well.  The only remaining features is to implement infusing a planet with reserves to boost its production, and the dialog for it.

After those are done, I will re-do the Fleet Design List window and implement Fleet List screen.  As well as bugfixes and minor tweaks.  At that point, I will upload a new version to Desura.

Here's a screenshot of my progress, note the new taskbar at bottom.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zygobies race artwork done!

Last fall/winter, I had to put hold on purchasing artwork due to financial constraints.  But things are better now, and I've commissioned my artist to do the 10th race, the Zygobies.  The results are fantastic!  The original description from kickstarter are as follow:

"Spores that has taken over various hosts, often without hosts noticing it, as their personalities and thinking are gradually altered. They are excellent spies for this very reason, and are heavily mistrusted, because you never know if some of zygos has rubbed off on you. Their society is a pure meritocracy, with ranking based directly on the host's brain mass as their intelligence is limited by the size of the host's brain. Despite their name connotations, they are very cunning and clever, not to be trusted."

The concept is that they conceal their host's bodies, so that others won't know which species have fallen under Zygobies' control.  They are master spies and don't care what methods they use to extract information.  They also use stealth styled ships that are designed for speed.  With those in mind, here's a preview of the Zygobies!

We now have 10 races' artwork done!  I'm having the artist do space combat graphics now.  For those who don't know which race imitates which race in MoO 1, here's a quick recap:

Humans - Humans
Nurds - Psilons
Zygobies - Darloks
Salix Cybornia - Klackons
Zero People - Meklars
Araneas - Sakkras
Velociraptors - Bulrathis
Pyrrhans - Alkari
Morions - Silicoids
Space Hamsters - Mrrshans

Later, after all other artwork are done for making a complete MoO 1 clone, I will then commission work on additional 3 races and leaders for MoO 2's version as per kickstarter's stated goal.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Makeover

Arpad and I continue to test and improve the game.  One of the things I just did was to give the fleet window a make-over.  It now dynamically re-sizes based on the amount of types of ships in the selected fleet.  The scrollbar for fleet list is replaced by next/previous buttons that allows you to change between fleets if there's multiple fleets in the same point.

Here's a before/after screenshot of fleet view window: