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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting there...

More work on Ship Design screen.  Almost done with weapon and special selection.  There's some special handling of Missiles that needs to be added (2 vs 5 shots), and some event handling of button clicking, then it's on to displaying and scrapping ships when 6 designs exists:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Equipment Selection

I apologize again for the lack of updates in a while.  My work has been busy with getting our next big patch ready, it has sapped my motivation for coding.  So when I get home, I had no desire to touch coding, but rather, playing Minecraft to relieve stress.

But now, things are winding down, and I'm getting back on track with development.  I've implemented most of the equipment selection functionality and UI.  Right now you can select anything except for weapons and specials.  After weapons and specials are done, I will need to implement design confirmation and UI handling when you already have 6 existing designs, then the ship design feature is done!  Here's a screenshot of the equipment selection in action (cost is the actual cost, factoring in the number of engines required to power it):