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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Version Released!

Here's a screenshot of the latest version, showing the construction screen, and the empire's financial summary.

I was unable to implement spending cap, so right now you can spend unlimited amount on construction. However, note the overrun cost in the screenshot. I want only 294 production points, but I only have 50 factories. Overrun works like this:
first 50 production points = 1 BC each
next 50 PP = 2 BC each
next 50 PP = 4 BC each
and so forth, doubling every time the total factories output is reached in each iteration.
It lists the overrun cost as 2664. So 2958 - 2664 = 294 BC
If I had 294 factories, it'd only cost me 294 BC. So overruns are very very expensive. There will be technologies that you can research that will reduce overrun costs.
Now, without futher ado, here's the download link for the latest version!
Make sure you have SlimDX installed
On a side note, Joseph pointed out that it's my game. While that's true, if it's fun for me, I'm sure it'd be fun for others. But I want to polish this game as much as possible, which requires other point of views. I will incorporate ideas and suggestions that I think are good and fun for the game, as well as my own ideas :) So feel free to leave feedback!

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