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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making progress

There are some good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. Releasing the new version is taking longer than I expected, because when I went back to galaxy generation and camera and scrolling, I fixed some other related issues, and new issues kept coming up. Every time I fix an issue, I discover yet another issue, but I promise that the overall enhancements/optimizations/etc will improve the game!

Now, for some good news that's related to the bad news. I've finished the system and fleet mouse selection, fleet selection is working again. No user interface for that yet (splitting fleets, sending them to a destination, etc) However, when I clicked on a fleet, no fuel range showed up. This puzzled me for a moment, then I realized that I refactored the circle algorithm to only handle returning a filled circle, not fuel range. So I just need to simply rearrange the code a bit to use this return value. When I started on this, I realized that currently there are only two values for each grid cell, passable or non-passable. What if there's nebulaes, shouldn't they slow your ships down? What if you research a technology that slows down the enemy fleets within range? Both concepts are from MoO 1, and those I'd like to implement. This means I'll have to overhaul the fuel range/grid cell system to allow for this.

I'm sure in the end, when I do finally release a version, you'll notice a lot of differences! I might even add nebulaes to test the pathfinding!

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