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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dropdown menus and "New Game" game setup screen

Since I'm refactoring the galaxy code stuff, I figured that it'd be a good time to start adding "Main Menu" and "New Game" screens. The main menu would have six buttons, "New Game", "Continue", "Load Game", "Multiplayer", "Options", and "Exit Game".

New Game screen will be used in both single player and multi player as a pre-game lobby setup. I've finished the galaxy previewer, so you can generate a galaxy, and it'd show up in the previewer. When you start the game, that exact same galaxy will be the game's galaxy. I've added a new feature of having stars being different sized (2x2 to 4x4). It don't really change the gameplay much, just adds a bit of variation.

I'm also working on code for drop-down menus. When that's done, I can just do this:
Combobox galaxyType = new Combobox(...), and it'd set up the combo box for me. Then I just do this:


and it'd take care of the rest of mouse handling and rendering. It's mostly done, I just need to implement text and scrolling.

Here's a screenshot of the "New Game" screen, it only have the previewer and galaxy type drop-down menu with no text. But at least you'll get the idea.

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