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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Preview of the new planet screen

To show you all that I'm still working on the game, here's a preview of what the planet screen looks like.  This is when you have a system selected, then select a planet:

Let me explain what each region is.  Starting with the left side:  In top is the name of the planet, you can rename it by clicking on the textbox, if you own the planet.  Under that is the display of the planet and its description (this same planet art will be used in space combat FYI)

Second from bottom is the planet's specials which will be displayed as icons.  The plan is when you hover over a special, a tooltip will pop up explaining what the special is.

Bottom is the consumption and production list.  It will display what your planet are consuming and producing.

Now on right side.  The top area is list of regions, I plan on adding more details to it such as how much it can produce per unit of population, as well as how much it consumes.

Under the regions is the planet's current project.  It could be terraforming, building a building, or building a region.

Finally the bottom area will be for sliders.  There will be a slider for each region type.  So if you have 3 mining, it will only have 1 slider for mining, and the production will be averaged between the 3 mines.

The bottom four areas that are blank right now are not implemented yet.  I'm still working on the resource system, then when that's done, I will add sliders and productions/consumptions.  Then specials and flesh out the region list.  At this point, the economy should be working, but other UI (planet list, project list, etc) won't be done, so you can't build anything yet.

Over the past week, I realized that you can create a pretty complicated economy system with this implementation.  Let's say you want to imitate production in real life.  You research "Laser Cannon", but when it's researched, you get two technologies: Laser Cannon and Laser Cannon Production Region.  Then you need to build a region for producing laser cannons, and you design a ship with Laser Cannon.  It would require that you build laser cannons before you build the ship.  And the laser cannons will have their resources that they will consume (crystals, alloys, gasses, etc).  Then you research a new beam weapon, so you replace the region to produce the new beam weapon, along with its resource requirements, and so forth.

However, in default gameplay, I will keep things simple and just have ships require raw materials and labor.

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