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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recent Build Updated to 0.1.52

I've added event handling in the new UI system.  It's pretty basic at this point, but I hope to flesh it out in the future.  This new UI system has already gotten rid of one .cs file, namely the "MainGameMenu.cs" file!  In the future, I plan on removing the Screens directory totally from the project, and replacing them with Screens directory inside the game's data directory.

Changing screens when screen don't exist in the new UI results in this error message:

Right now, there's a command "UseOldScreenSystem" that when called, switches over to the old screen system for Galaxy Setup.  When I convert Galaxy Setup, it will change over to Players Setup, and so forth.

I've uploaded the new version to Desura's "Recent Build" (0.1.52) that includes those following items:
New screen UI system
New mouse cursor
New game launcher
Added License.txt to clarify licensing stuff

Check it out and let me know if you still have mouse issues or find any other issues.  Thanks!

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