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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My artist finished the portrait of Nurds, as well as some of the ships. (How it works is that he creates the portrait and some of the larger ships, I look at it and see if the ship style and portrait need tweaking, then he finishes the rest of the artwork).

Here's what the portrait and one of their ships look like (think retro 50's spaceships!)

Things has gotten busy recently, but hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to work on the game.


  1. xD I laughed in myself. I'd laugh a loud if there wasn't people around me.

  2. Absolutely inspired!

  3. What is their background story? Will they be more stereotypical productive researchers or ironically bad ones. For instance would they spend 300 years on developing computers from Star Trek (LCARS interface with explosive charges and plasma conduits) while ignoring more practical solutions (such as, IMHO, contemporary smartphones and tablets) to fulfill their "nurdish" dreams?

  4. You have an excellent point there! I think I'll make Nurds "Uncreative" but with very good research ability. So their technology tree is very limited, but they can progress through it real quick. And when invading enemies' planets, they have reduced chance of finding new technology because of "NIH" syndrome (Not Invented Here) that they suffer from.

    Problem with MoO 1/2, if you're very good in research/creative, that gives you a very big advantage because there's technologies that offset your weaknesses, whereas races that are not good in research suffer serious handicaps because to obtain technologies that offset research weaknesses is by researching, a catch-22 situation.

    I was about to explain what I plan to do to avoid this but realized that it'd be a worthy blog post, so I'm going to do that instead!