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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GSSB race done!

The artist just finished another race, bringing up the total races to 12.  The 13th and last race is currently being worked on.  Here's a look at the new race, called "GSSB".  It parodies the fact that if aliens are female, they must be attractive, thereby humanoid with distinct human features, with one or two minor differences such as color of skin or some other such cosmetic feature.  Note, this is not intended to be derogatory toward women, but rather, how female aliens are portrayed in older sci-fi games and shows.

I nearly called them Orions in a nod to both Star Trek's Orions and the name of Master of Orion, but realized that there's already another race called Morions, and it would be only a difference of one letter.  So I'm going with GSSB which stands for Green Skinned Space Babes.  However, I'm open to suggestions for other names.

This race is equivalent to Master of Orion 2's Elerians.


  1. Erosai - Eros + ai.
    Nympheans - obvious
    Kolaen - based on hawaian Kola, for over-sexed person.

  2. Any updates on the game?~ I'm still hoping to play some MOO that doesn't involve waiting 5 minutes for the turn to process like MOOI.

  3. Check out, awesome webcomic featuring blue skinned space babes.