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Monday, December 27, 2010

Small update

I squashed several bugs and refactored some of the old code so it's more clean and easy to fix if any problems pop up.

I've decided to change from random 6 planets per star system to user defined amount. At the new game screen, there are two new options. They are Minimum Planets and Maximum Planets per star system.

By default this is 0 minimum (no planets at all) to 6 maximum. You can change it to be 1 minimum and 1 maximum, and every star system will have only one planet (aka MoO 1, except for some system having no planets. With only 1 planet, the generator will populate only half of the stars with a planet if the minimum is set to 0), or you could change it to 0 minimum and 5 maximum (aka MoO 2)

The maximum "Maximum" value is 100, and minimum cannot be higher than the maximum amount, but can be equal if you want to force equal amount of planets per system.

100 planets per system may be a bit excessive, but I don't want to force limits on some players who want more than 6 planets per system. My goal is to give more choices to the players, so they can try many different scenarios, therby increasing the replayability of the game.

Currently I'm working on scrollbar class, so the players can scroll through research items, construction items, etc. When that's done, I'll focus on the galaxy screen and start implementing fleet movement and exploration.

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