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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some art update

A friend looked at my game, and remarked that something was a bit off. After we deliberated on it, he found it. The stars weren't white in center. This posed an interesting problem, in order to have a white center, I can't just use a grayscale star bitmap, then shade it a certain color, because that'd lose the white center. So I had to draw different stars, one for each color, and render those instead.

I'm not good with pixel art, but I'm proud of my star art :) I realized that I haven't posed any screenshots in a while, so I'll show the current "New Game" screen. This is what the new game screenshot looks like, with a ring galaxy.

1 comment:

  1. :D Few years ago, I had same problem. I solved it with 2 grayscale images, one for star color and other for white center and alpha blending. Grayscale image is much like one You used before, texture modulated with star color. Image for white center is white rectangle with semitransparen pixels in the center.