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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fleet/System UI Done!

I've been sick with a cold the past couple of days, so I was able to put in some work for this. Apologies if the blog isn't well-written, my brain is not working as well as normal :)

I've finished adding labels to scrollbars, indicating what each is for, and how much the planet is producing in that area.

Also I've added the planet type and population information in planet list. I've fixed the fleet UI's fleet list so it properly shows the fleet information. Before, if you have more than 4 fleets in one location, and you scroll down/up, it don't update the labels, but clicking on it will get the correct fleet information. The labels are now updated correctly, and displays their empire's color.

Since both Planet UI and Fleet UI are done for now, I will start work on end of turn processing which will include fleet movement processing and people migrating. Since there's no construction yet, there's no UI for it in planet screen. That will come after I'm done with end of turn processing.

My plan for construction is to have a button with a label showing what it's building, along with the time required (or amount per year if exceeding the construction requirement, like 2 ships per year). Clicking on this button will bring up a small screen with list of items that you can build at this planet. Infrastructure, Terraforming, Ship Construction, Stargate, Defense Bases, and any other planetary items will be built using "Construction".

One other thing, when obsoleting ship designs, if any planets are building the obsolete design, it will prompt you asking which ship to build instead of the obsolete ships. So you don't have to hunt down each planet that's building the obsolete ship. Another option will be to change construction amount to either research or commerce instead of switching to a new ship design.

Here's the updated planet screen:

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