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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Version Released!

Finally, the long awaited new version is now released! It's barebones of the exploration code. I plan on adding UI prompts for each system you've explored each turn, but for now, it checks whether or not your fleet explored a system (the fleet have to be not moving and adjacent to a system to explore it. Diagonal don't count), and if so, update that system so it stores the fact that your empire've explored it, and add to list of systems explored that turn. When doing this, I found some bugs (some systems with 0 planets would crash in several places, etc), but I think I've squashed all of those. This release is mainly to gauge how the user interface works, so I can get feedback on it. After this, the releases should be more frequent (maybe once each month, or after something significant is added?). Since I'm developing this in my free time, with no funding, I can't afford a QA team. So if you encounter any bugs, be sure to let me know so I can squash them! To report bugs, please go here and add a bug report if such report don't already exist. Try and check to see if a report already exists first. To run the game, you must have SlimDX installed first. In the future, I will create an installer, but at the moment, I don't know how, so for now, download it from here: And now, finally, for the download of the game itself! Whew! Now I'm looking forward to more frequent updates and hearing feedback!


  1. Sweet!

    I've tested release and have a few questions. In the previous release, there was a screen with a financial information and BC to PP distribution. Is any of this accessible at the moment? When generating galaxy, I can't chose size of the galaxy. Is that bug or feature (deliberate for this release)? How to order the fleet to move?

  2. Currently there's no empire-wide financing data yet (I had to overhaul the whole game during the refactor process). You can view the commerce output of each planet however.

    To change shape/size of galaxy, you need to change the settings (click up/down next to 50x50) first, then click on "Generate Galaxy". Generate galaxy will generate a galaxy based on your specifications.

    To order your fleet to move, right click on a location you want it to go to.

  3. Also, to zoom in/out, use the mouse's scroll wheel. I should create a "How to play" page somewhere :)

  4. Oh really, I totally missed "up" arrow for map size. I was expecting combo box and wondered why clicking "down" arrow didn't open drop down :)

    And for moving fleet, I was clicking left mouse button. That's why it didn't move. MoO I style fleet movement animation is nice tuch :)

  5. I'm planning on making the New Game screen more clear, like moving the up arrow so it's above down arrow for galaxy size, but it's not critical to gameplay for now. Yes, I liked the MoO 1 movement animation, which is why I've imitated it :)

    I've posted on your forum as well :)