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Friday, June 10, 2011

A lot going on in background

It've been a bit quiet for a while. A lot of things are going on with my game. I've implemented most of the diplomacy framework, but no screen yet for it. Next post should show the diplomacy screen. However, that's not the biggest news. The big news is that I've employed an excellent pixel artist, and he's almost done with the first race's art. The art is looking very good, and is similar to Master of Orion 1/2 art style.

After he's done with a couple of races, we will work on replacing the artwork in Beyond Beyaan. When each screen is done, I will post here showing the new and final screen that you will expect to see in the release version.

When the diplomacy screen is done, the only remaining core features are the space combat and saving/loading games, then the game is done. After that, I will work on adding AI to the game. I will add in race customization later on, when I work on network multiplayer.

If all goes well, hopefully this game will be done in a few months, but no definitive release date yet.


  1. Sounds great! Overall I'm strongly in favor of a game more like MoO and not MoO2.

    I'd pre-order btw, but I'm not sure you have much public awareness atm on generating a ton more.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'm looking into setting up a real website with forums and pre-order methods. Hopefully it'll be up soon!

    This game is heavily inspired from MoO 1, with some features that I liked from other games. The space combat will be similar, but with some twists. So don't worry, it's more like MoO and not MoO 2 :)

    I've posted on various 4x game forums, but I don't think this game have much attention right now. If you like where this game is going, please feel free to share it with others!

  3. I'm curious how you did the diplomacy stuff. I've been thinking a lot about how diplomacy should work.

  4. It's hard to get attention to this type of game while in the development phase. I've seen half a dozen indie attempts to clone/remake/reimagine Master of Orion and they all got canceled. So every new attempt, 4X fans see as "soon to fail" kind of project. Even FreeOrion is seen as unsuccessful because it takes them forever to progress from version 0.3 to 0.4.

  5. Ah I see. I've already committed some of my own money into this project already (artwork), so I don't want to waste my money and time by cancelling it :)

    As for diplomacy, I'm about to post a new post about that.