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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preview of Research Screen

Here's what the research screen looks like right now. Each tech name is a button, clicking on the tech name will change the list on right (not yet implemented) that lists all available technologies to research for that field.

For example, if I click on "Rail Gun", it would bring up a list of particle weapons that I can research on right, and clicking on one of those will change the current particle weapon I'm researching to that selected weapon. All progress that you've made on a technology will be saved, so when you decide to come back to that technology, you can pick up where you left off.

The progress bar on right of tech names shows how much has been researched, how much will be researched this turn, and amount remaining. The white color represent amount researched, green represents this turn's research amount, and blue is the remaining amount.

You can lock a field from any changes, which isn't shown, by clicking on the padlock on right of the slider.

The research code is done, just need to finish the research screen, and fix the bugged sitrep so it'd correctly report events, then I will move on to diplomacy screen.

I saw this game in development, Xenonauts, which is kinda a x-com ufo defense remake. They're offering pre-orders so they can get funding for the artwork and sound. I'm seriously considering that approach. I would need to set up an official website for the game, and set up forums where you can discuss the game, and set up paypal so people can pre-order this game. The money will go to obtaining professional artwork and sounds, the website, and tools to help me develop this game. One such tool is Resharper, which will help me clean up and fix bugs easier. So I'm gauging your interests, would you pre-order this game in its current state? All pre-orders would be non-refundable however, due to me paying the artists for their work.

Those who've pre-ordered the game will have access to beta versions, so they can participate in testing of the game.

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