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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Donate Button Added!

I've added a donate button to this blog, it will be there temporarily until I've got the website up and running. The money donated will be used to fund artwork and sound effects for the game, in that order.

Since I will pay the artist with what I've received from donations, I won't be able to refund any donations. If you want to support this project, then feel free to do so! Just be aware that any and all donations will be non-refundable.

Here's some perks that I can provide for those who've donated:
If you've donated $75 or higher, you can create a race for the game, and the artist will create the artwork for that race, and it will be included in the game's official races!
If you've donated $35 or higher, you can create a technology to be included in the official technology tree. If you've donated $70 but don't want to create a race, but rather technologies, then you may do so!
If you've donated $10 or higher, you will be included in list of credits as those who've contributed to the development of the game.

One rule about creating races/technologies, they must not be copyrighted materials. So no races from any other 4x games, movies, etc. Technologies is a bit iffy, I will tell you if I can use the idea or not.

All people who've donated will have access to every major build of the game, and will have full version of the game when it's released.

If I've received enough funds to pay for the artwork/sound effects, then I will remove the donate button.


  1. Hi Brent,
    So, if I donated, the functionality of the content I mentioned (barring copyright issues)below will be included? For example, a race which eats another and gets stronger after each feast would be $70. The other race which converts the target race to theirs (and steals the target race's tech) would be an additional $70?

    Furthermore, each tech I mentioned would be an additional $30?

    What if development stops? I suppose it is considered a donation...


    Georgia Boy

  2. I've mentioned earlier that if I give up on this game due to lack of motivation or whatever reason, then I will release the source code for this game so others can finish what I've started, or create their own 4X with my code base. The money raised from donations will go directly into artwork for the game. If I do release the source code, the artwork associated with it can be only used for this game, and not in any other games.

    Yes, each race would be $70, due to me having to pay the artist to create the artwork for those races.

    The technology for $35 don't require much artwork, so I can use most of it to pay for other artwork (buttons, interface art, etc)

    However, as I've mentioned in a previous post, multi-racial population most likely won't be implemented, and there's no ground combat, so unfortunately both of your race ideas wouldn't work :(

    I think I should explain a bit more clearly what's included in a race. Each race will have:
    An avatar for showing the race in list of empires in diplomacy screen, as well as race selection when starting a new game.
    Three profiles with different expressions (pleased, annoyed, and neutral)
    5 different ship sizes, each size having 6 different styles, totalling 30 ships.

  3. I think that multi-racial planets would be a good idea. So say that their is this one race that has a strength in engineering, and then their is another race that is good at combat or plane flying skills, so what if you then took over/discovered a new planet and you wanted to inhabit it with BOTH of the races via some carrier plane, so then you could have a planet with strength in engineering and combat skills.

  4. +1. While not all 4X games have multiracial planets (more than one race per planet), all 4X games that I know of have races with special characteristics (good at combat, plane flying skills, eats other races to get stronger, etc.).

  5. To be honest, I've also wanted multi-racial population on planets, but I wanted to keep things simple so I can actually finish the game. But thinking about this, if I do add multi-racial population, then it'd mean several things:

    You can trade/gift/demand planets, with planets retaining their original racial population.

    The migration code will have to be removed, and "Transport" option added, that allows you to specify which races to include, and how many to move.

    As a result of migration being removed, colony ships would have to be added to allow for colonizing unowned planets.

    And being able to have different racial population means that if you win a space combat over a planet, you can simply claim ownership of the planet without bombing it, by sending your population (aka MoO 1) over to battle it out. But ground combat will be simplistic, population vs population with what technologies you offer.

    Thinking about those, they aren't really complicated to do, and don't make the game too complex, the biggest concern is the UI for managing multi-racial population, but I think I can do it.

    I do have a couple of things that need to be resolved:

    If two different races that eats/processes/assimilates/etc other races live on the same planet, who eats who? Maybe I can list races that a race will eat? For example, Humans would eat Cows, but not Zero People.

    I can make it so if there's another race for the race to eat, they get a boost in all of their fields, until the other race runs out, then they revert back to their default output values.

    However, all the above won't be a trivial change to the game. But if Georgia Boy or someone else donates $70 specifically for those kind of races, then I will implement them. I already have ideas on how to implement them, so it is in fact, possible. Otherwise I will postpone those features until I'm done with technology overhaul.

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