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Friday, July 29, 2011

Multiracial Population implemented!

Yes, you read that correctly. Multi-racial population is now implemented! It was a lot simplier than I expected. I just had to change a variable into a List of races, and update the code that uses this variable to use the new data type. I then rearranged the system UI that you see in galaxy view to accomodate for the display of different races, as well as "Transfer Population" button.

It will list up to four races and their population, from largest to smallest. If there's more than four races on a planet, then it will list the largest three, then clump the rest together under "Others", since they're probably insignificant.

I also ripped out the migration code as a result of this change. Transfer Population isn't implemented yet (the button's there, but it does nothing now). It will be some time before this feature is fully implemented. But I'm liking the changes so far, it feels more immersive already! And I have control over where people go to where.

There are several things that I'd like to share. First, when you transfer people, it will create a transport ship for each unit of population, so if you're transferring 50 units, you will have 50 transport ships. Each transport ship will have a very high upkeep fee (maybe 10 BC or so per turn), so you don't want them to idle and eat up your income. This will reduce the ability of having one planet at 50% population and sending people off, since it'll be expensive to move people.

When you create transport ships, it don't automatically ask you the destination planet, rather, it shows up similar to fleets, and can travel with your fleet for protection. You issue travel commands to transports, similar to how you do with fleets.

To land your population on a planet, you must have the transport ships adjacent to a system, and it will ask you which planet to land on. If it's an already occupied planet, then ground combat will ensue.

However, if that system is guarded by fleets, then space combat will ensue, and you will see your transport ships in space combat. They're very massive, about 1.5 times bigger than your largest combat ship, and have no weapons. They do have some armor and shields, but they're sitting ducks. If they retreat during combat, they won't be able to land on planet that turn. So they have to stick around during the combat. There will be technologies that reduces the upkeep, and adds defenses to transport ships.

Anyway, enough talking, time for the screenshot!

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