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Friday, August 5, 2011

Colonization and Nebula Update

Since migration was removed when multi-racial population was added, I've added transports as a way to move your people around. They can be used to either colonize a planet, add population to an already-owned planet, or invade an foreign occupied planet. Right now, only the first two are implemented. The UI for creating transports are already shown in previous post. This is the UI for landing transports. It's just a rough draft, it will be improved later and include information about your transports, the planet info when selected, and better art. But for now, it's functional. Here it is:

Notice something different in that picture? Particularly the fact that nebula isn't blue? Spencer was able to rework the nebula generation code, as well as add multi-colored nebulas. It looks a lot better! Here's a sample galaxy showing the new nebula:

Let us know what you think of the new nebula in the comments!


  1. Nebula looks nice! Brings back memories of Nebula Fighter and Comet Buster :)

    Now stars and black holes look out of place...

  2. The nebula looks nice -- but does in have a game effect like in MoO1? With the whispy edges its not so easy to tell if a specific path might be through the nebula or not.

  3. Yes, nebula have in-game effect that's similar to MoO 1. But instead of restricting movement to 1 cell per turn through nebula, it just increases the movement cost. So you can travel more than 1 cell through nebula, or not at all if it's dense enough. The pathfinding code will find the quickest path, not the shortest path, and you can tell if nebula is affecting your path.