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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ship Design update

Since I've overhauled the technology system, I have to redo the other screens. I started with ship design, and first thing I did was to create a window class where you can drag it around. Then I started on a screen for picking equipment. At this time, the artist gave me a new batch of artwork which includes some background border, buttons, etc. So I've been busy replacing some artwork, and changing how buttons work internally to support the new artwork.

Here's a preview of what I've accomplished so far. Notice the new weapon type "Shockwave"? It will be mainly useful for kamikaze-type ships that barge in and blow up stuff, and for anti-missile purposes.

On the left column of equipment selection is the weapon type. Middle is the type of mount (large, small, point defense, dual cannon, etc). On right is list of modifiers for that equipment type, so if you have shield piercing for beam weapons, it's available for all beam weapons, but it also adds space and cost based on the equipment space/cost.

This three columns will be how you'll create different weapons and equipment like computers and engines. I need to add information display under the three columns to show space usage, cost, and equipment description, then it'll be done.

Here's the screenshot!


  1. how would i purchase the it?

  2. also is it actually playable? are there victory conditions and defeat conditions? would it be possible for you to make a video? or more screen shots? and i would have to give donate 10USD?

  3. It's kinda playable, you can send transports to invade other planets and kill off empires. But there's no check for victory yet (you can be the last empire, but it won't end). You can design ships and build them. But no space combat, and no computer players yet. As soon as I'm done with ship design screen, space combat is next.

    Yes, 10USD will give you access to the latest major build, and the full game when it is finished. The current build is before I've overhauled the technology system. This build was reviewed by, and the review is here:

    A customer said he's making a video, I'm waiting on him to finish it.

  4. ok, thanks for the speedy reply. i'll probably purchase when it's a little further along. just a little ;) like the project so far, keep up the good work.

  5. sorry forgot to say: i'll probably purchase when it's a little further along, as in when you have a website or a more professional purchasing system.
    i.e. paypal. as i posted previously, i think your project has great potential. i read the review.
    i'm a big fan of MoO1/2(i like 1 better) and SEs although SEs' interface is far too clunky.

  6. Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I understand about waiting, I'd want a playable game before I buy it :)

    Just FYI, the donate button uses Paypal. I hope to have a real website up soon...

  7. ok :), i just don't really want to make an account on Google, or whatever it is XD(i have Yahoo email)

  8. sorry for spam post. will you add hotseat? if it is not already planned/added. and how will multiplayer function in general? thjanks in advance.

  9. No problem :) Hotseat is already implemented. You do your turn, then it moves to the next player, and so forth until all human players are done. You can see that there's an option for "Human" or "Computer" player in the following screenshot.

    Network multiplayer is not planned at this moment, I'm trying to finish the game first. If there's enough interest in multiplayer, then I will look into adding networking.

  10. so i donate 10usd and what? you email me the file?
    how will it work?(until you get a website set up)

  11. People who've pre-ordered this gets access to a download link where they can download the game. I release new versions after major components are either implemented or redone. The next release will have the new UI artwork and redone ship design and new game screens, so it'll be a bit while before it becomes available. Then after that I will work on space combat. And so forth until the game is done.

  12. ok, exscuse me if im being a noob XD. but i still dont understand what the procedure of purchasing it

  13. No problem :) Click on Donate button, it will take you to paypal check out. Put in $10 as the amount that you would like to donate, using your Paypal account, and hit "Donate". I will get an email notification of your donation, then I will email your paypal email address with the link to the build.

    One thing that I would like to warn you about. The money donated is non-refundable since I pay the artist for his work. Donations are used 100% in paying him, so I can't get money back from him.