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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yay! Descriptions are now working with planets and stars! Here's the screenshots. Top one is of a planet, and bottom one is of an unexplored or uninhabitable stars (like black holes)

That little thing added a lot of life to the game! Makes it feel more personal somehow. There's one bug that I need to squash, then it's on to production screen so you can actually build the stuff that you've designed!


  1. Oh, I just squashed that bug! Guess it's on to the production screen now. However, I'm done for the night.

  2. It might be helpful to put descriptions of the planet modifiers in there too.

  3. I plan on doing that, there's a lot of small things that I will need to polish/finish. Right now, I'm focusing on the big features and getting the game playable.