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Saturday, December 3, 2011

More work on equipment selection

Thanks to a recent donation, I was able to commission some new artwork. The equipment selection window is almost done. The lists are done, I need to add the total space, cost, and power, as well as amount. I realized that having 1x mount, 5x mount, 10x mount would clutter the mount list, so I'm going to add an UI control where you determine the amount of items. However, this is grouped, so if you have a laser cannon x5, when you fire it, you fire the group, meaning all the power are consumed for all 5 at once, and it will fire five times visually.

Here's the mostly done screen (I had to stop, my daughter needs my attention):


  1. Looks nice! As in clean and clear.

    As always I have a suggestion. Visually the list of mount types kind of looks like extension of the list of weapons. Maybe something as simple as changing the background color of stats icons (power, cost, space) to let's say blue/grayish or yellow/golden would do the trick.

  2. You're right, good catch! I'll need to re-arrange the layout or something to make it visually different.

    I got a question, is seeing stats (space, cost, and power usage) important, or would a tool-tip that pops up when you hover above an item be good enough?

    This will impact how I will re-arrange the layout.

  3. Hey man, awesome look. I was just wondering if this is going to be available for macs? Anyway, if it isn't then I'm definitely resurrecting my old notebook

  4. The game currently uses SlimDX, which allows C# to use DirectX, which means Windows :(

    However, I do have plans that if there are enough demand, I will convert it to use OpenTK, a OpenGL engine for C# language, which will allow me to compile it for Linux/Macs. But that will require overhauling the game's structure, so that will need to wait until I've got the game finalized, so I can compare the two versions to ensure that nothing is broken or missing.

  5. "is seeing stats (space, cost, and power usage) important?"

    For weapons, yes. For mounts and mods, no. As for tooltips, I don't know. Though I liked them very much in the Civ 4.

  6. I agree, it is important to be able to easily see the strengths of several weapons at once.

    For mods, not so much, because those would stay relatively constant while a player will get more and more weapons throughout the game. If there are many mods (>~8) then it might be nice to see their stats all at once.

    If I remember correctly, the way the weapon stats were presented in MoO2 worked quite well.

  7. I plan on adding tooltips that will display when you hover over an item in the drop-down, so that way it'll reduce the space usage, and don't overwhelm you with all the data.