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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Starlanes or no Starlanes, that is the question...

I finished the last tweaking of resources in the economy system so that those used in projects are separated from those that aren't.  The reasoning for this is that the game don't handle stacked production well if I don't do this.  Stacked production meaning making more than 1 of an item (maybe 3x scouts or something) in one turn.  The reason for this is that the game adds up consumption of all planets, upkeep, etc, then if there's a shortage, the "efficiency" of stuff using that resource are reduced by the amount of shortage.  This don't work well for projects, because even at optimal consumption, it'd only factor in one item.  If I try and add more items, it'd think the consumption is larger, and if there's a shortage, everything else suffers.

So I separated those two, and will make it so that project resources are "use it or lose it".  If you have an excess production but no projects, you're wasting production.  So now I can feed in the "Project Manager" saying "I have 600 industry, what do you give me?" and it can calculate that it'd make 3 scouts.

I plan to use the same Project Manager class across the three entities (Planet, Star System, and Empire) and same UI, but Planet will be a queue-based production while Star System and Empire will be a list-based production with sliders to indicate how much you're dividing up the resources between the projects.

Since there's no new screenshots for like forever, I decided to do a quick feature, the ability to turn on or off starlanes.  Personally, I love starlanes, it creates chokepoints and strategic locations.  But some despise it, so I added this feature.  This is a screenshot showing starlanes off and on:

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