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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glasses and Economy

First, things are still busy at work, so I've only been able to put in 15 or 30 minutes worth of work at a time here and there.  Hopefully in a month, everything will settle down, and I'll have more time to work on the game.

Now, how is glasses related to the game?  Well, at about the same time that our second daughter was born, my first daughter broke my regular glasses (Pro-tip, don't go for those half-frame glasses, the strings holding the bottom part of lenses break easily, and repeatedly breaking those weaken the frame itself).  So I ordered a new one from the internet.  For the past 5 months I've been experiencing vertigo, anxiety, dizziness, headaches, etc.  I went to doctors, but they couldn't find out anything.  Then finally a week ago, at work I took off my glasses to rub my eyes, and I suddenly felt better!  Turns out that my left lenses were made incorrectly, the prescription was flipped 90 degrees!  That was the cause of all that pain!  So I've ordered replacement lenses...  This has negatively affected my efforts because often I didn't feel well enough to work on my game.

Now for some good news.  The economy system is now finally done!  You can specify starting resources on a race's planets.  Races' food/resource consumption are calculated as a part of economy system (before it was separate).  Racial bonuses/disadvantages are now finally used!  Planets sharing resources are also implemented!  The only things missing are projects and UI for displaying resources.  Projects includes research, ship building, building regions, and regional improvements.

So the next post will finally have a new screenshot! :)

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  1. I know how you feel re: work. I've been so busy since this past Spring that I rarely have had the mental energy to get anything done after I get home, so my own project has been going very slowly.

    Looking forward to some more screenshots!