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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Life Status

In Sept, my work made the decision that if we're to meet our goal of releasing a new version of our product by Feb, we'll have to work overtime every other week.  So far, we've reached a mostly stable version, but there's at least 500 defects that we need to iron out (we have about 50 developers or something like that).  So we've been working a lot of extra hours, which is partly why the progress on the game is so slow.

So, while we're here, I thought I'd share what I'm grateful for:
I'm grateful for the doctors and nurses that helped us through our preemie experience and cared for our daughter.
I'm grateful for my wonderful wife who supports me in my ambitions (she have to put up with me spending time on my game, away from her and the kids)
I'm grateful for many people whose works have inspired me, such as Steve Barcia's Master of Orion, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, Gurney Williams III for "Zero People" book, Diane Duane's "So You Want To Be a Wizard" series, and many many others.
I'm grateful for my family, especially my parents, in that they learned to cope with my deafness and learned sign language so they can communicate with me.
There's many other things that I'm grateful for, but this blog primarily about Beyond Beyaan, so I'll keep it short :)

Here's some pictures of us!

Our baby, in comparison to the picture taken when she was just born (it is to scale!)

Our two beautiful daughters!  Can you forgive me for spending time with them instead of the game? :)

Family picture!  Contradictory to popular beliefs, nerds do get hot girls ;)


  1. Great family you have there Brent. I also have a baby girl. She's almost 2. And another baby girl is on the way. Aren't they the best thing of the world?

    Your new baby made stunning progress. I'm really for you.

    Good luck on work. And, be careful with extra work. Don't let yourself burnout or you'll start to hate the place and need to quit and dedicate 100% do Beyond Beyaan. Wait ... thinking better. Ask your boss if you can work even more hours!

    Take care.

  2. What a beautiful family! Keep up the good work, like Adam said, don't let yourself burnout.

  3. Thanks for your compliments! Adam, yes, they're the best things in the world, except for the moments when your 3-yr-old girl start rebelling and whining and you start thinking "why did I ever decide to have kids?" :) Part of being a dad I guess :)

    Yeah, I hope things will get better soon at work. Right when things started settling down with our baby, my work started the overtime thing. So I haven't really had a break since July from stress and such. This week, with thanksgiving holiday, I was able to relax and spend time with my family, which was very nice.

    I hope that your week was wonderful as well!

  4. "when your 3-yr-old girl start rebelling and whining and you start thinking "why did I ever decide to have kids?"

    My daughter is still 2, so, that's why it's probably still too easy... I didn't have yet the "why did I ever decide to have kids" moments, but I see I'll get there :)

  5. Beautiful family Brent!

    I haven't visited in ages, but it would seem you are still plugging along. Good for you!

    JosEPh :)