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Monday, November 5, 2012

Demo Assets added to source control

I decided to include the demo assets in the source control so that people who want to contribute to the project can just check it out and build it, with everything in the right place.  Right now, the full version and demo version are identical because I stripped out the 30 turn demo restriction from the code.  However, in the future, new races, particles, AI (other than a very basic one), etc that's added will be only in the full version.

I also fixed crashes in loading, and crashes during the game, so it's now playable again, but you'll notice that fleets and ships are missing.  I'm done stripping out stuff, now I'm starting to add new stuff back in :)  You can now run the game and check out the starlanes and regions.


  1. Oh, nice! I've tried to buy BB at Desura but they don't accept my payment method for some reason.

  2. Let me know if it compiles and works on your end! I haven't gotten any feedback on my source code yet :)

  3. It compiles and worked up until I tried to see colony details. Region color calculation had wrong values, instead of 0.725 * 255 it was 725.0 * 255. Well, you know what is going on, thousands vs decimal separator issue. Following methods use culture dependent float.Parse(string) method:

    Beyond_Beyaan.Data_Managers.RegionTypeManager.LoadRegionTypes (lines 37, 46, 59)
    Beyond_Beyaan.Data_Managers.ResourceManager.Initialize (line 38)
    Beyond_Beyaan.Data_Modules.Race.Initialize (lines 115, 148, 160)

  4. Hi,

    I submitted a patch with several locations of such culture problem to the google page.

    No response there. Maybe its not that important or the e-mail notifications are not set up properly in the project?

  5. Oh, I didn't get any notifications. I've just set it up so it now emails me when there are activity in issue tracker.

    Thanks for your help! I will incorporate those changes into the source code tonight!

  6. Committed your changes, thanks!