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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Changes committed!

Today I decided that I need to have the game compilable, even if it's in a very bugged state.  So I fixed up most of the technology functions to work with the new system, and commented out rest of it that I plan to fix later, and commented out most of anything that has to do with technologies which includes the tech screen, ship design, etc.  You can look here for changes log:

I looked at last time I committed, and it was in Sept 16th.  It's been a long time since I committed something.  However, from now on, there won't be any more major overhauls.  So from now on, the commits should be more frequent, and I won't post about it unless I committed something significant.


  1. Hello. I'm basically new to Visual Studio and C# development (I'm a Java guy). Could you give me some tips about how I could run this code. I was able to check it out, but it complains about the missing resources. (I bought the Desura version, but unfortunately, it fails due the value Culture thing.)

  2. Hey David (Sorry I don't know how to do the special a letter)

    Ideally, to have it work, you download the Desura version, then copy over the assets into the bin/Debug folder. However, the Desura version is old, the data files are not compatible with the latest code. I'm still in progress of updating the data files and code to work with it. Right now it just compiles, but if you try and click on new game, it complains about the data files. I plan on including the Demo version's assets in source control as a way to help people know how to add assets to the game.

    As for culture issue, I learned that it's an issue with how floats are parsed, I need to declare culture-specific parsing argument, but apparently I missed some spots. When I finish the data update, I will update both the code and Desura version, hopefully this week! I will also then explain step-by-step on how to get your Desura assets working with the checked-out code. Then if you encounter issues, you can fix them and post your fixes to me so I can include them in next update.

  3. Heh, float issue. I hate it too! Fortunately my regional settings are different from what USA thinks should be in our region so I can spot such problems almost immediately. Once you are aware of the issue, it's easy to Google up culture invariant parameters for serializing and deserializing numbers.

    But what I'm really annoyed with is that the core of .Net framework is user oriented instead of "machine oriented". Take for example ToString method. Every class has it because the System.Object has it and because of that you'd expect it returns a string that only developers should see. But no, it's used in Winforms, it's used in serialization, everywhere where an object has to be converted to string, no matter why. It's sometimes trash, sometimes debug info and most of the time nice printable and culture dependent text. Parse method for numbers also suffers from being user oriented (culture dependent) while most of the time it's used for parsing texts that user doesn't see.