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Monday, August 5, 2013

Transports and new video

I've implemented transports, so you can interact with them, send them off to another system, etc.  The only thing that I haven't added yet is ground combat.  But the good news is that I've uploaded a new version to Desura, finally!  Both Demo and Alpha branches are updated (Alpha is the full version).  Yes, the 4 new races artwork is included in the alpha branch!  It's waiting for approval right now.

I also created a new video showcasing the features that I added ever since I reverted to an old version.  You can see fuel ranges, transports, colonization, etc. Hope you all enjoy it!  Again, no sound, due to me being deaf, but I will hire a sound programmer at one point...


  1. Really cool what you're doing.

    Suggestion: why don't you show your game to Slitherine/Matrix...they would help you with artwork/graphics and do the publishing...(contact Iain McNeil)

    Keep it up.


    1. Maybe, but the game isn't ready for that yet. I'd prefer the game to enter beta at least (all features implemented, just AI and balancing at that point) before I consider that. But thanks!

  2. Nice! Didn't expect to see race specific visual for colonization lander. That's a nice touch!

    1. There's also race specific visual for the colony itself during ground combat, death animation (instead of a generic explosion), fleet/transport icon, etc.

      The only things I don't have is the scientist/military/spy for tech discoveries. Those would have doubled the cost of race artwork, so I opted to cut them out for now, then later if the game is successful, add them in.