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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Game and Race Selection

Whew!  I replaced the old "New Game" screen with its old ugly UI with the following UI.  The icons with question mark are random races.  Let me know what you think of it!  Suggestions are welcome!  Oh, I also branched off the galaxy generation code into a background worker, so galaxy generation no longer freezes up the UI.


  1. I like it.
    I would change only the following: instead of "Number of computer players" I would use an "Add opponent" button and remove buttons for the existing opponents. That way it's easier to control which one to remove (and I think it's more intuitive).
    The opponents could have another attribute (e.g. radio button): computer/hotseat human/network player.
    You could even give a choice of computer player strength there, instead of generic difficulty setting.

    1. I actually had those features in the old New Game, but replaced with the above UI because I'm now in a "Copy Master of Orion's Gameplay" mode, which means no extra features, just keep things simple.

      But behind the UI, the code supports multiple human/AI/difficulty modes. This UI just imitates the MoO 1's new game setup, but later when I add more features, I can replace this UI with something that allows hotseat and such.

      As for the "generic difficulty", Master of Orion's difficulty level affects you mostly, not the computer players. For example, if you were playing on easiest difficulty, the research points for researching an item is that item's tech level squared times 20, while playing on hardest difficulty, it's item's tech level squared times 40. Computer players always have the factor of 30, no matter the difficulty. But there's some stuff that affects the computer players as well.

      For now, this UI will do until after I've finished all the gameplay features that MoO 1 has. Then I'll switch to start implementing MoO 2 features and modding support.

  2. Looks nice.
    Do you use any external GUI library or framework?

    1. No, all the UI are done in-house :) You can take a look at "InterfaceManagement.cs" where all UI components are done. Those not starting with "BB" are old UI components that I'm phasing out (the new UI components are more efficient and easier to use)

      The only external libraries I'm using is Gorgon's 2D engine. Aside from that, everything is done in-game.