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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fleet UI

I've replaced the old fleet UI (the ugly blue box with no art whatsoever) with this new spiffy UI!

What it features:
Clicking on a point in the galaxy will grab all fleets that is overlapping that point (even if they're not on top of each other exactly).  No more frustrating careful clicking to get to that fleet that you want when two or more fleets are overlapping.  It lists fleets on top of the UI.

Hovering above a ship's box in list of ships will display that ship's sprite for easy visual reference.  I chose this approach because otherwise I'd have to allocate 160x160 pixels for each row, lots of empty space.

When you issue an order, it will split out that fleet, then automatically select rest of the idling ships.  So you don't need to click on the idling ships again (such as sending out scouts in beginning of game).  Selecting fleets now feels more intuitive and is robust.

Under the hood improvements and cleanup.  Oh, I forgot to mention that both System View and Fleet View windows are movable, so you can drag them around if they're blocking your view (I show this in right part of the below screenshot).

Now for the screenshot!

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  1. I've been thinking about antidote for multiple objects at same point too. My approach would be much like your but I'd add a star too, for convenience.