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Monday, July 15, 2013


While working on the planet UI, I studied on how missile bases work (how much they cost, etc), and realized that in order to get this UI correctly working, I'll need to implement technologies first.  Missile base's cost and maintanence relies on which shield, missile, armor, etc that you have, plus any minitaurization.

So I'm in progress of implementing technologies now.  I've committed some large changes, which breaks the build.  There's still a lot to be done, but for those who's interested, I've implemented how MoO 1 researches new technologies (investment, interest, and chance of discovering the tech).  So if you want to see how it's done, check out my changes.

Hopefully within the week, I'll have a working technology system, then I'll finish up the planet UI.  After that, it's ship designing and ship construction, plus colonizing new planets.


  1. It shouldn't be necessary to have implemented technologies when working on planet UI. You can always make stub method and stick recognizable comment:

    public int Cost
    return 100; //TODO: remove magic number

    Eclipe and SharpDevelop would recognize comments containing and provide tools to easily find them. I don't know Visual Studio equivalent.

    1. I could do that. However, since technologies aren't really hard to implement (the build is working again, but some exceptions are thrown when you end the turn), I decided to take the plunge and get it done with. Then all other things that relies on technologies won't have to wait for it to be done. This includes spying, planet production, ship design, research, space combat, stargates, fuel range, basically 80% of the game :)