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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Planet Production getting there

I think I've finalized the look of the planet UI.  I also implemented part of the planet's production stuff, specifically the "buildings" (they're factories in MoO 1, renamed to "Buildings).  Here you can see that I'm building them, on left I haven't reached the max amount of buildings yet.  In middle, it will reach the max, and will generate BC from the excess production.  On right, it've built the max amount of buildings, so all production is generating BCs.

I think that this is a bit more clear than MoO 1's "RESERVE" which don't tell you how much is being added to your reserves.  Later when I add advanced controls technologies, I will show "Upgrading (XX%)" when refitting older buildings.  Not sure how I should handle the "MAX" when you're building more than you have the population to operate them.  Speaking of which, does those factories still produce pollution even if there's nobody to operate them?  How does refit work exactly?  The manual said it's the difference in cost between two levels of technologies, but that's not very clear...

Still got some work to do before this UI is done, but this is one of the most important UI in the whole game :)  What do you think of it?  Is it clear (Click the image to expand)?  I found the awesome font that feels very similar to MoO 1's font (for reference, I added a screenshot, look at top two lines and see the font I'm talking about), I hope it is legible :)


  1. Font: I like it. Readable and it really has a MoO1 feeling. IMHO if you are allowed to use it, then keep it.

  2. Fun art as usual and good font.

  3. About the extra information you added compared to the moo 1 menus, it does sound like a good improvement to me, I would keep it. But also it's hard for me to know how it will work with the game as a whole. Idle factories without pollution, I don't know - realistically I would think that enough operating buildings in any space travel-capable civilization would be automated enough so that at least some pollution would be made when no one is there. But gameplay-wise, I really have no idea what the best/most fun thing to do would be.

  4. Change the color of the light grey bar before the button to something better, as yellow.
    Or better, with the color of the image. Green for clean, Red for bases.

    I need to see the graphs without searching for the button.





    [Sorry my bad english]

    1. You bring up a good point! It's not easy finding the sliders at a quick glance. I'll add some kind of color to the highlighted bar behind the slider button to help illustrate it better. I'll play around with it and see if I can find something that looks good.