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Friday, July 5, 2013

More work on planet UI

Things are starting to fall into place for the planet UI window!  I'm still working on it, but I think I've got the final layout for it!  The UI isn't fully working, but most of it is there.  I plan to add lock button on right of each slider, then flesh out the code behind the UI so that it interacts with the planet data object.  A preview, what do you think?

While we're on the topic of planet management, there's a few things that I need some clarifying on (I tried looking them up, but got general concepts on how they work, not the actual formulas) (Note also that one unit of production on a planet is equivalent to 1 BC):

I looked at how production is calculated in MoO 1.  What I don't get is the extra 1.  The idea is that at level 1 tech, each population produces 0.5 BC (aside from klackons, which doubles population's production), and each factory produces 1 BC.  So starting with 50 pop on normal difficutly, and 30 factories, it should be 55 production.  However, when I looked at MoO 1, it starts with 56?  Where's the extra 1 coming from?

How exactly does reserves work?  I know that if you put 100 production into reserves, it stores 50 BC.  But what happens to production when you put money into a planet (I know it boosts production, but I need to know the exact formula)?

How much pollution does a factory produce?  1 BC? Does it cost 0.5 BC to clean up 1 BC pollution as per a guide I found?  So if I have a tech that reduces a factory's pollution to 80%, it means that it's now 0.8 BC of pollution per factory, and therefore costs 0.4 BC to clean up?


  1. Where have you found the MoO1 internal details?

    1. From the MoO 1 manual :D

      I missed the part about reserves in the manual. Putting reserves into a planet will increases its production per BC put into it up to its normal total production (so if a planet have 100 total production, putting 100 BC will increase it to 200 production). Excess are carried over to next turns. So if 300 BC are put into 100 production, it is doubled for 3 turns.

    2. I also figured out where the extra 1 BC is coming from. The formula for production is this:
      total production = (population * (0.5 + (1.5 * (tech level / 50)))) + number of factories + trade revenues.

      It was including the beginning tech level, so it's actually 0.53 BC per population at level 1, which results in 26.5 with 50 pop, or 21.2 with 40 pop on hard/impossible. I thought it was supposed to be 0.5 at level 1, but I was wrong.

    3. @TBSS There is a guide with mostly combat related formulas and tables:

    4. Thanks Ivan!
      I have seen a shorter version of this faq, but this seems to contain lots of useful details...

  2. Interesting, I always thought ind/pop was fixed at 1/3 and 2/3 for klackons. I've opened a few save files and it turns out my observation was wrong. Which technology category influences this? Planetology?

    Reserves you figured out. Pollution works the way you've thought. By default each factory produces 1 unit of pollution (UoP) and 1 BC cleans 2 UoP. Reduced industrial waste tech multiplies pollution generation with specified percentage (80% -> 1 * 0.8 = 0.8) and eco restoration techs improve UoP/BC cleanup rate.

    1. Yes, according to MoO manual, it states "Improved Planetology also makes your populations happier and more productive"