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Monday, July 22, 2013

Demo Races uploaded, and race tidbits

I created a demo version for each race that the artist completed (Nurds, Araneas, Velociraptors, and Pyrrhans), and uploaded it to the repository.  Each have a simple triangle ship artwork for each of the ship design, as well as stick figures/houses for ground combat.  The main portrait is the same as normal version, but the happy/angry expressions re-uses the main portrait, with "Angry Expression!" and "Happy Expression!".  This is to enable me adding all races in the game without using the paid version of assets.

So there's only two more races left that are still missing their artwork before I have a full set of races for MoO 1-esque gameplay (Don't worry, the other three races will come in later for MoO 2-esque gameplay, when the artist finishes those).  Currently the artist is working on the "BNN" artwork (Think GNN, but Beyaan News Network instead) and the associated event images.

Since obviously Beyond Beyaan's races are different from MoO 1, here's the list of which race replaces which race, inheriting that race's bonuses/penalties:

Humans - Humans (Duh)
Nurds - Psilons (both nerd races)
Pyrrhans - Alkari (Since both are birds)
Salix Cybornia - Klackons (Since tree cyborgs are half-machine, they're more productive per pop than regular)
Zero People - Meklars (Computer, control more buildings)
Velociraptors - Bulrathis (Good at ground combat)
Space Hamsters - Mrrshans (Good at attacking)
Araneas - Sakkras (Ever see a mother spider with baby spiders on its back? eww, they sure reproduce a lot)
Morions - Silicoids (Both types of rocks)
Zygobies - Darloks (Since Zygobies takes over hosts' body, it also takes over their mind, therefore good at spying)

Later, when I start work on adding MoO 2 features, those races will take over the MoO 2's races:
Pudelhunds - Gnolams
New race (Unannounced yet) - Trilarians
Kickstarter-backed race (still haven't finalized details) - Elerians

As for code-wise progress, right now, I'm adding population transfers and relocating new ships features.