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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plans and a bit more of teaser

Jeff and I worked out some more details, and with feedback from previous post, here's what we plan to do:

For sure:

1. All people who have bought Beyond Beyaan (either through kickstarter, paypal, Desura, or a sci-fi promo from a while ago) will get Dominus Galaxia.
2. The source code for Beyond Beyaan will remain open source, available for anyone to use.  Dominus Galaxia will be closed source as Jeff is a full-time developer and has to make a living somehow.  I will re-use a lot of internal game logic from BB into DG to speed development up

Tentative plan:
We'll try and salvage as much artwork as possible from BB into DG, as long as they fit the graphic style.  How?  Jeff and I just found out about Sprite DLight, and it does exactly what we wanted.  So it's looking good for us to salvage some ship artwork from BB to be used in DG's space combat.  We'll see about other artwork (Jeff isn't too much of a fan of the pixel art, but with this, he's a bit more willing :) )

Here's a sample of what it can do.  A Zero People's ship before being processed by Sprite DLight:

It's flat, has no 3Dness to speak of.  Compared to pretty 3D, it's rather bland.  But look at what happen when we add 3D light magic thanks to the awesome tool (I just loaded it up in Sprite DLight and it automatically did everything, I just turned on the light!):

And here's a rendered still:

Pretty awesome, huh?  This allows for awesome lighting effects during space combat.

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