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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


By fate, Jeff Graw and I met somewhere on the interwebs.  He was working on his own MoO 1 clone, he has saved up enough so he don't have to work for a while, so he can work on game development full-time.  We got together and discussed about the idea of merging our two projects.  After extensive discussions, we agreed that this is the best course of action.  As a result, we came up with a new name for the game.  What we gain from merging is:
His multi-platform (developed in Unity with C# scripts) that can be published for Linux, Mac, and Windows
His fantastic 3D graphics/UI
My nearly complete game logic

With those two combined, we solved the three main issues that Beyond Beyaan faced:
No multi-platform support
Unattractive graphics (I personally liked the pixel art, but it's not for everyone)
Non-descriptive name of game. (Beyond Beyaan doesn't imply a grand 4X game)

Plus the development will go along a lot faster due to Unity's support of C#, and Jeff being a full-time game developer solely for this game while I will continue to work as a hobbyist.

It is now my pleasure to introduce the new project going forward, Dominus Galaxia!

More details will be forthcoming shortly.


  1. I think that does sound pretty good, especially the multiplatform part. However I did like the pixel art as well and the teaser image looks somewhat generic, with the station lacking clear visual definition against the (pretty) background.

  2. Please... don't kill off pixel art!
    Make it available as optional package! For connoisseurs of dos games!
    :makes puppy-eyes:

    And one more thing: I hope the graphic engine won't have some ridiculous requirements, like pixel shader, without which game refuses to launch at all...

    1. About the pixel shader, are you aware that Beyond Beyaan does use pixel shaders? It's used for shading ship artwork to match the empire's color. Stars use shaders to change color.

      More details on what will happen to pixel art coming soon... don't worry, it's good news.

    2. I'm going to have to admit that I really like what I've seen of the race art so far, so I'm going to join the plea to be careful with how you change art styles.

      Too many games, even indie games, these days focus so much on getting more advanced art styles even when something less advanced, that would probably look just as good or better, is available. I haven't seen any signs of that so far, so please continue to choose good art over fancy art.

  3. Mackus, forget pixel shaders the game requires a 64-bit OS and a DirectX 11.1 compliant graphics hardware to run

    Kidding. But for the record *those* are ridiculous system requirements. Unfortunately you aren't going to have much luck running current games on 20 year old pre-DirectX 8 class hardware.

    1. I do have 64-bit OS and a DirectX 11. Demo still didn't run, "Cannot load SlimDX".

    2. Jeff was joking about those requirements. For the Beyond Beyaan to run, you'd need to have SlimDX June 2010 installed (, download the RunTime one and it should fix your issue.

      We haven't released a demo for Dominus Galaxia yet, as it's still being developed.

  4. Yeah, the "kidding" part tipped me off :). What I meant was, that even with requirements deemed "ridiculous" fulfilled, I still needed to install something first. Oh well, at least it works now.