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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Design Screen Halfway Done!

I sketched up a rough draft of what the design screen should look like, and I liked it well enough to start programming it in.

This is what the draft looks like:

This is what I have so far:

One thing to note, all of those drop downs are listing actual technologies that it've loaded in from technologies.txt file. So this is the first evidence of technologies in this game :) Confirm Design and Clear Design is fully working, you can add ship designs now! Shield, Armor, Computer, Engine, and Size are all functional, and will be saved, as well as name (which is randomly generated at this moment).

The only UI elements left to implement is the "Add Weapon" to let the user select a weapon to add, and the weapon controls (more or less mounts/shots, and "remove" button). Then when that's done, I will add information display as shown in draft, then the design screen is done!

When this screen is done, I will go back to galaxy screen and add ship construction so you can build ships. When this is done, I will release that version.


  1. I just noticed that I've flipped around the confirm and clear buttons, confirm is supposed to be on bottom :( It's fixed, but I'm too lazy to update the screenshot :P

  2. One of these days i'm going to sit down with you and talk ship design. Beyond that, nice and functional looking screen!