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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yet More Work on Ship Design

Bleh, I hoped to release a new version tonight where you could design ships and build them. But it's late, and I'm tired. Maybe this weekend I will finish it up. This screen is taking longer than I expected, there are so many parts to a ship design, and I didn't realize how intricate it was until I worked on it. But it's getting there! I've got a lot done today, more display information for the design screen, and space usage check. If you put in too many items so total space usage exceeds the available space, the "Confirm" button is disabled, preventing you from creating an illegal ship design.

Also notice that because the computer's efficiency with beam is 80%, it dropped the laser cannon's damage from 8 to 6, and accuracy from 80% to 64%. So it is critical for you to design a ship around its computer. A computer impacts every weapon that you use, and there are different computers with different strengths and weaknesses. Researching better versions of this computer reduces space usage, but not the efficiency of weapons for balance reasons. No more "Ultimate Ship Design", this will be more of "paper, rock, and scissors".

Now, here's a screenshot of what I've finished so far on the ship design:

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