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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ship Design Screen Done!

It's finally done! Here's the screenshot. Note, this is not the final look for it, just that the functionality of the ship design screen is done. All the vital information is displayed.

There are only a few things before I release the next version. They are:
Adding ship construction UI to planet screen
Processing ship construction in end of turn
Update fleet code to factor in engine tech's speed (currently it's hardcoded to 10 speed)
Some bug fixes and suggestions implemented hopefully.

Also, I plan on implementing textbox where you can input names, but for now, it generates a random name for each design. Next version should have text input.


  1. "... only a few things before I release the next version ..." - they keep popping up :P

  2. Showing all data at once does not make pretty GUI. You can see that in Zvjezdojedac :)

    Maybe some of these sketches can help you:

  3. Those are pretty good ideas! I'm obviously not an artist :D I think I like the first idea better, since it shows the same information but in a clean way. "Progress bar" like in the second one is a bit vague. This also gave me ideas on other areas in the design screen that I can improve on! (for example, replacing "Remove" with a simple X button to give me more room to work with). At this rate, it won't be released for some more weeks :P

  4. The ship design screen are now updated, it looks similar to your first sketch. But since it don't really add anything new, I'm waiting til ship construction and situation report are done before posting another post.