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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fleet List Screen

I've been working a lot on the game lately, polishing it up and improving various features. I also started work on fleet list screen, but before I get to that, I'd like to list improvements that I've made:

When moving around the galaxy, the more close you are to an edge of screen, the faster you will move around. This was Chris' suggestion in one of the comments, and it's working beautifully.

When you move to edge of screen, either below the taskbar, or on right or top of fleet list/planet list in galaxy, it will move the camera around. Again, as per Chris' suggestion. This really makes the game feel more polished in terms of camera movement.

I've tweaked the nebula's movement cost (previously it'd take maybe 16 turns to get to hte closest star, or something like that). Now it's on average 2 or 3 turns for the closest star (same distance, but less movement cost). One side effect of this is that it've boosted my pathfinding algorithm (since it tries less nodes), but now the path looks really straight :( Maybe I can tweak the pathfinding algorithm to use the old values, but maintain the low ship cost?

And now, for the fleet list screen!

Scrap buttons are not implemented, and won't be until empire finances are implemented, so that'll be for later. "Show our fleets" and "Show other fleets" are filters that lets you to narrow down fleets. If you want to see enemy fleets, turn off your fleets so you can see all other fleets.

The plan is, when you click on one of the ships in the list, it will show specifications for that ship (if it's yours, otherwise it'd say unknown). Hovering or selecting a fleet will expand the fleet icon on the galaxy minimap. It's not very clear at this moment, but if you look on the left side of the minimap, under the red star in middle, you can see my purple fleet icon on top of a brown star.

Again, this is in progress, so bear with me. When this screen is done, I will release the next version with all the polishes :)

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