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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Situation Report

I'm currently working on notifying players of events that has occured between turns. Currently they include systems that were just explored, planets that just colonized, ship construction reports, and planets that population died off due to starvation. The situation report is toggable by pressing space. The data is all there, I just need to work on displaying the situation report, and having it react appropriately when clicked on. For example, if you click on "Planet X produced 2 Scout ships", it would take you to that planet's star system, and have the planet selected in list of planets.

Since I implemented keyboard input (it was never there before), I decided to take the opportunity to implement the ability to switch between windowed and full screen modes by pressing alt-enter. It's working beautifully, I just need to add the ability to change resolution, then we're set for graphic options. But that'll be in a future release.

Also, because the keyboard input is now being handled, I think I'll implement TextBox UI component so you can actually name your ships whatever you want. As a result, this next version will be a bit delayed, but there's a lot of new goodies that will make it worth it! I'm also implementing suggestions that a reader suggested, such as moving the galaxy using mouse. So hopefully the game will feel a bit more polished the next release :)

Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I'm visiting my family, so I won't be able to work on the game for the rest of day today. This post should whet your appetite though :)

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