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Sunday, May 8, 2011

New release!

Here's the long awaited new version! What's new in this version?

Situation Report - Clicking on an item will take you to the appropriate screen, and if the event is in the galaxy, center the camera to the event point. It's ugly, but functional. This is not final, but at least you can know what's going on. Report any bugs with this, I haven't tested this fully! Here's a screenshot of it in action! Situation Report can be toggled on/off by pressing space bar. Note, if it's being displayed, you can't interact with anything else except for task bar.

Ship Design - You can now design ships with various technologies. I only included one or two technology for each field, but it should be sufficient example so you can add more! There's a bug with the initial ship (scout) that makes it only 10 BC when it should be 32. It's because it don't actually calculate the cost, it's hardcoded (Yes, I was lazy). This will be fixed later.

Ship Construction - Each planet now can build ships, just be careful to not starve out your people! If you set your agriculture to 0, all people will vanish the next turn. The population growth/starvation formula still need to be tweaked.

Technology Data Structure - The framework for technologies is now in the game. This is not fully done yet, since there's more data to be added (like beam's color, missile/torpedo speed, etc). I just implemented enough for ship design screen. When research screen is being worked on, more will be added.

Alt-Enter (EDIT: my bad, I was thinking of Alt-Enter, but somehow typed Alt-Tab) will switch between fullscreen and windowed modes. Note, the mouse is not exclusive to the game, so if you have multi-monitor setup, it can wander out of the game's screen.

You can now click on a spot in the galaxy, and the game will center the camera to that spot, as per a reader's suggestion. Mouse near edge scrolling still need to be worked on.

Some bug fixes, like the left arrow on planet's 5 output fields.

This is a pretty big update, so please let me know of any bugs so I can fix them for the next version!

Be sure to download SlimDX as mentioned in this post.

And now, finally, the download link! Beyond Beyaan May 8, 2011


  1. "Alt-Tabbing will switch between fullscreen and windowed modes."

    If I may suggest: Don't reprogram Windows. There's already a function which does this: ALT-ENTER. ALT-TAB is used for task-switching. Nothing alienates people faster than someone who can't use the habitual conventions we're already used to. You wouldn't reassign the left-click as a delete key, would you? Of course not. People left-click to select things, and changing that would be ridiculous.

    Good luck on your game!

    - TheDS (

  2. My bad, I fixed the post. It's alt-enter, not alt-tab, that will switch between full screen and windowed. But I somehow typed alt-tab for some reason. Don't worry, the functionality is correct in the version :)

  3. This is looking more and more sexy. Too bad I have finals or I would be messing with it.