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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ship Construction!

Yes, that's right, ship constructing is now in the game! You can select a ship design to build, allocate construction points to it, and hit turn and build it! If you change to another design when the ship is partially built, it transfers the construction points to the next design (Yeah, it's unrealistic, but hey, it keeps things simple code-wise)

Here's a screenshot of the ship construction:

However, I discovered several bugs when I implemented this. Each confirmed ship design overwrites all other ship designs except for scout. The left arrows on slider bars for planet screen stopped working when I implemented this. And maybe some others that I haven't discovered yet.

The next release is getting nearer! Just need to squash the above bugs (there are a lot of other bugs, but those are the most serious), and check that ship design screen is indeed done. Speaking of ship design, here's the "final" (final meaning for now, until I get professional looking art :) ) ship design screen:

Special thanks goes to EmP for suggesting an improved layout for the ship information display!


  1. Sorry I've been distracted brent, but you left before I could say: Keep up the great work! Keep going with that inspiration! You have a lot of talent and just because your not getting tons of response right away doesn't mean you should stop or let it get you down. I've been kicking around my own little game ideas with little or no way to accomplish them for SEVENTEEN YEARS.

    Your accomplishing things quite quickly by my reckoning!

  2. Also, I'm realizing some of my own constructive criticism isn't all that useful to you at time, as I'm a very design minded individual. So I have filter what I say to still be helpful under your vision, which isn't always easy!

    I want things done MY way, which isn't necessarily as utilitarian as what is your vision. I don't always understand why you do something one way, while I would do it completely different. But if I were to give you all my way things, it wouldn't be your game. It would be mine and I don't want what you want out of a game.


    Now that said, is that fog of war I see?! woo!

  3. Thanks for your comments. Yeah, each person have their own view of how a game should be done. My goal is to reduce micromanagement, and focus on the fun stuff like combat and diplomacy. And also to reduce exploits that you can use against AI. We'll see how that goes.

    No, that isn't fog of war. I've thought about that, but it doesn't make sense "not seeing" stars or picking up radiation emissions from traveling ships nearby. There will be radar implemented that picks up nearby ships. The colored circle you see in the screenshot is actually your empire's influence. When your influence encompass a star, your people can start migrating to that star. There's more details in a post a few weeks ago about influence maps.