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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Game Screen Overhaul

In the last released version, you couldn't specify the amount of players, just their races or whether they're CPU or human player. This has been kinda annoying me for a bit now, so I finally decided to redo that part. As a result, it now have races and AI data structures for loading and storing. So now you can pick an AI, set its handicap and race, then add it. Or you can add a human player. You can also remove a player from list by clicking on "X" button.

You can also specify an emperor's name by typing a name before clicking on "Add Player". If you add a player without putting in a name, it will randomly generate one for you. In the future, each race will have list of emperor names that it will randomly select, but for now, it's just the random name generator.

Handicap works like this: If you set a player's handicap to 50%, that means that player's planet output is 50% of what they normally would be. So if a planet would produce 10 research points, it will now only produce 5 points. So if you want a tough game, give the AI players a boost by increasing their handicap to above 100%. Handicap ranges from 50% to 200%

I only have two races in my data files, and my art is very bad, but you get the idea on how it works. Here's a screenshot of the new "New Game" screen:

Now that this screen is done, the next and final thing for the next release is the planet list screen. Then that'll be my last release. Only Diplomacy, Research, and Space Combat screens left to do, then the game's core features are complete (aside from saving/loading games)

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