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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planet Screen done, and final public release

I'm releasing the final public version. Future versions will be for closed beta testing only, and the next "public" version would be a published digital download (hopefully!).

This version have a lot of new features implemented, and I'll list them:
Working race data and artwork - It loads in racial perks and race avatar/ship art. Racial perks aren't actually being used, but it's loaded in. If perks total is not equal to amount of perks listed (for example, 3 perks with total of 2.5 will fail), the race won't be loaded.

AI files being loaded in - No actual AI in game yet, this just loads in AI names. The plan is that you can add or modify AI files to create different AI players.

New Game Screen overhauled, so instead of 12 players, you can add/remove players. Minimum of 2 to start the game, and there's a max of 16 players.

Placeholder ship art drawing is replaced with the real thing - Your race's ship artwork is now drawn instead of the old ship art that I was using (I can't use this ship art in the final version anyway). A template for the race's graphic file is included so you can see where to put the ship art. The graphic file must be exactly 1024x1024, if not, the race won't load. It's 1024x1024 for performance reasons.

Some other bug fixes/features that I might have forgotten about.

Improved camera control - It moves slowly, then accelerates the nearer you are to the edge of screen.

And finally, the planet list screen is also implemented. This is a major feature. When a planet in list is being hovered over or selected, its star system is expanded on the minimap.

This is what the planet list screen looks like:

Here's the download for this version:
Beyond Beyaan 5-21-2011


  1. Will test new release and post at Google project.

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