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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Progress on Ship Design

I changed all the dropdowns (except for size option) to button, so it brings up a "mini-screen" listing technologies in that area. The reasoning behind this is that it displays information before you have to select something. The dropdown only displays the name, but not space usage, or any other specifications, so it's not very useful.

I also finished implementing most of the remaining UI elements. The only thing left are scrollbars when having so many items that you can't see them all on one screen, to allow you to scroll through. Then the UI functionality are complete. The buttons you see on the screenshot below are all working. Note the first laser cannon having more damage than the same weapon below, this is due to increased mounts.

The other things left to do is displaying information, like space usage, specifications for the left fields, and the ship cost, then the ship design screen is complete. I would continue work on this, but I'm really tired. So I thought you'd like to see the progress on this :)


  1. Doh, I'm really tired. There's one more UI element that I will need to implement, and that's the text box. But it's not critical at the moment.

  2. Just downloaded the 16th April version.
    Figured I'd make a list of possible map UI improvements:
    Needs a fast way of navigating around the main map without zoomout. I'd advise allowing the arrow keys to make the map scroll around (at least when no fleet/star is selected), you could also implement the usual click->drag method of map scrolling. In addition, I'd recommend scaling the scroll speed when using the mouse-to-side-of-screen method (closer to border->faster, instead of an instant transition). The panel that appears when something is selected should not prevent this scrolling in a 1 pixel width line at the extreme edge of the screen.
    The selecting process requires far too much precision as you zoom out (clicking on anywhere in a star selects it while zoomed in, but when zoomed out you need to click dead centre, this applies to ships as well).

    -Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Thanks for your comments, those are some really good ones! I didn't really like how the map scrolling just switches on when you move the mouse to side of screen, but wasn't sure how to improve it. Your idea is perfect solution to this.

    As for the selecting process, the issue is known, and is in this list of known issues:
    Anyone can add to this list, so feel free to add anything else that you may think of, thanks!