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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zooming issues

While working with starlanes, I noticed that in huge galaxies, when I'm zoomed out all the way, you can't see the stars anymore.  This is very annoying, so I've set a minimum size for each star, so even when you're zoomed all the way out, you can still the stars!

I've also replaced the drawLine function with a sprite drawing one, which is both thicker and faster to render.  Soon to come: Animated selected path similar to MoO 1/2.

I got tired of just three star types (blue, yellow, and black), so I added white, red, green, and orange ones to spice up the variety.

Here's how the new zooming/starlanes look at maximum zoom:

I noticed that some starlanes are really long, so I'm going to add a limiter for random starlanes so that they don't connect to far-away stars.

Still a lot to with squadrons and travel, but we're getting there.  I just removed the grid completely, so now everything is working with starlanes.


  1. What are the violet bubbles?
    Some of them seem to bevery close to stars or starlanes but others seem to be just off..

    About the long starlanes.
    Actually those would make the most sense, because one would built starlanes especially between very distant systems. But of course it looks kind of ugly.

    When I look at your galaxy it looks like a 3 arm spiral galaxy.
    If you remove the long starlanes, the end of the spiral arm would be very far off from most other stars.

    This would then be the most save place for any imperium.
    Im not sure if that is desired.
    For example the top arm.
    If you remove the 3 vertical lanes, how much longer would the travel take, if you remove those lanes?

    Maybe add a couple of "bridging" stars between those?

  2. Those are black holes (violet bubbles)

  3. Yes, the "violet bubbles" are black holes. I plan on asking the artist for an animated version of each object in the galaxy so it'll look lively.

    As for the long starlanes, I guess it does make for an interesting game, in that you'd have to defend at least two chokepoints instead of just one.

    I think I now have most everything figured out, just need the time to implement them all.