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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Squadron movement

As you know, I've ripped out the grid-based movement and replaced it with star-to-star/starlanes movement.  Last post with a picture showed the pathfinding working.  Now here's a screenshot showing a squadron next to an just-explored star, and another on its way to the next star.

There's still some graphic bugs, but it's now all working!  Next up is the new UI for squadrons (selecting a squadron, creating a squadron, re-arranging ships in squadron, and population transfer).  At this point, I will check for any crashes or major bugs, and hopefully release the new version.  Sounds are coming along, I'll have to check with my friend on his progress.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, those jumping icons. When traveling, icon is at fleet's real position when fleet is stationary, icon is somewhere around the star. That's nice UX trick.

    In MoO 2, I hate when the icon of inbound fleet was almost at the center of the star or when two fleets were at almost the same spot.
    It was hard to select right object, there was some way that included clicking around the icon. Splitting a fleet to different destinations was a sure way to produce that troubling situation.

    I was about thinking how to solve that in my project. The solution I'm most inclined to is to give a list of all selectable object in small radius of the click but I'm still working out ideas for GUI.