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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Things are quite busy now.  My wife's water broke, so we got our baby 10 weeks early a few days ago.  Both mom and baby are doing well (it's a girl), but the baby is so tiny!  It's expected that the baby will stay in NICU (newborn intensive care unit) for at least a month.

Letting you all know that the development of the game will suffer temporarily as a result.  However, on the good news, I've worked out all the bugs with travelling/pathfinding.  So the only things left are the UI and combat resolution!  But when I will finish those is the question :)


  1. Hey that is great news!
    I wish you and your family all the best!

    Hope you get her home soon.

    Is it your first kid?

    I have 2, a boy (almost 5y) and a girl 8month.


  2. Thanks!

    This is our second kid, our first one is about 3 years old :)

  3. Kids those days, rushing to adulthood instead of enjoying being a kid :). Congratulations and wish you all the best!

  4. Congratulations Brent! If it's your first you will see how good life will be from this point forward (no cynicism, I mean for real). If it's not your first then you know what I'm talking about :) Anyway, congratulations to you and your wife and all the best for your baby girl.

  5. Thanks for all of your well-wishes! The baby is doing well! Adam, this is our second kid :)

  6. It's a little late but congratulations!! ;D